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Why Are Vaporizers So Popular?

With the coming of social media, the world has become a global village. The ease in sharing through social sites makes it easy for users to share widely. For instance, an ad marketing the best portable vapors is likely to do rounds among a group of vapers. Vaporizers are special gadgets that help a conventional smoker inhale the vapour. The vapour can contain either tobacco, THC or CBD and is safer than the potent smoke we inhale when burning the products. There are several types of vaporizers such as; Dry herb vapes, Desktop vapes, Volcano vapes, was and oil vapes and portable vapes.

Smoking has been there for centuries and has continued to be popularized by the media over the last century. A new method called vaping has come and taken over the conventional way of consuming tobacco, marijuana or CBD. This is in the plight of the many diseases that come with putting a lot of smoke in your lungs. People have become more cautious on the risks of smoking, and that is why vaping has become overly popular in the past years.

Here are some detailed reasons why vapes have grown popular:

Medicinal Customers

The number of customers that use vapes due to medical conditions such as anxiety, inflammation and depression has played a big role in popularizing the vaporizers. Cities such as Amsterdam have normalized the consumption of marijuana. This portrays the city as a smoker’s ‘Mecca’ that attracts people to buy products such as the vape pens, liquids etc.

Social Media

The coming of social media has played a huge role in sensitizing how to use the gadget and the advantages of smoking with a vape rather than directly burning tobacco or marijuana. Another giant factor is the “FOMO” fear of missing out. This generally affects the youth who base their purchase on what is trending and hip. It has boosted the sales of vapes to astronomical levels.

Healthy Living

People are constantly making informed decisions about their health and vaporizers have been known to improve the general chest and lung health of a smoker that utilizes them. Smokers that inhale pure smoke have a higher chance of getting lung infections and breathing problems.


The fact you can have a pocket-sized gadget that assists you to smoke your hemp or tobacco without health implications is the same fact that you will continue to buy the product. If you are an avid smoker, you should highly consider using vapes given the reasons above.…

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Weed Accessories to Have: A Guide for Beginners

Cannabis has become popular worldwide. The fast-growing hemp market is filling up with marijuana accessories such as grinders, a wide range of rolling papers, bongs, and more. In this article, we get to focus on some of the essential stoner accessories. 

Glass Jars

cannabis jarIf you do not own a single glass jar, then you probably do not know how to care for your buds. Ever wondered why ‘potheads’ have some of the most potent buds? Because they store them under the required conditions to maintain freshness and even enhance quality and aroma. Make sure to invest in a glass jar if you want the best cannabis experience. Avoid getting plastic pots, the static charge produced by plastics is likely to affect the buds’ state negatively. Thus, affecting the quality of your weed.

Rolling Tray

There’s nothing more stressing than regularly asking for a place to place your stash as you prepare to grind and roll. A rolling tray will serve as a convenient item, especially if you love being neat and organized. Tray sizes vary from small, medium to large. If you are a party host, the best thing will be getting a large rolling tray. If you are what people call a “loner stoner,” a small or medium-size tray will suit you well. Keep your tray clean after use to ensure that you do not contaminate your stash. 

Rolling Paper

The world is full of many rolling papers that come in various sizes, as well. However, a suitable rolling paper depends on the user’s preference. You have a wide range of colors, flavors, and brands to pick. If you are a heavy smoker, you are likely to be better off with king-size rolling papers. If you are a new marijuana user, start with regular-size rolling papers. For a smooth burn, I’d suggest you pick any thin, unbleached rolling paper.


I get it; not everyone values grinders. Nonetheless, when you look at how essential it is, I’m sure you’ll reconsider your views on grinders. If you like maintaining cleanliness, a grinder will come in handy. You avoid getting small chunks of buds stuck in your nails. Nonetheless, the traditional grinding means are still maintained with almost every stoner having a theory behind their choice.


Bongs are common among millennials; you are not going to miss a bong any campus hostel. There’s at least one weed enthusiast who never leaves their bong. Bongs come in different sizes, shapes and with different purposes. Some people claim bong rips are better than joint hits. Well, it’s all up to you to decide as a consumer.

The last item on this list is a lighter; somehow, stoners keep on forgetting where they put their lighters. It’s good to have an extra one, don’t you think?