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Factors that Determine the Cost of a Franking Machine

Despite the various advancements in technology, businesses still need to send items like letters and parcels particularly the online retailers. Franking machines are essential and can save costs when it comes to printing postages. However, the process of acquiring a new franking machine can be daunting especially when it comes to prices. There is no one size fits all’ for franking machines. In fact, getting accurate franking machine prices can either be difficult or even impossible. Franking machine prices vary depending on various factors. Below is a rough guide to the factors that determine the kosten einer Frankiermaschine.


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Volume is the major factor that classifies franking machines into different classes and prices. Businesses can choose from low, mid and high volume machines. Low-volume machines are designed for the companies that can frank less than 40 letters per day. Those that can frank 40 or more letters can choose the mid-volume postage meters. Most of these machines come with automatic feeders thus making operations faster. They also allow the user to print envelopes directly when dealing with small mails and print labels when handling larger mails. High-volume machines can process about 200 parcels in a minute. However, they are a bit expensive compared to medium and low-volume machines. Besides, they come with more advanced features and can suffice the needs of large and busy organizations.



Franking machines come with an integrated weighing platform that allows for easy summing of postages in a mail class. It also shows the dimensions of the parcel or letter placed by the user. Low-end machines can have scales that weigh up to 5 kg. They are ideal for those who work with small parcels and letters. Higher volume machines come with larger scales but cost more. Therefore, when determining the cost, it is vital to consider the capacity.



Volume and speed are the two critical factors that often confuse buyers. Some sellers sell high-volume machines at higher prices. However, such machines can be a bit slow. The most important factor is how long the machine takes to print on an envelope. Therefore, when considering the volume of a machine, it is great to look at the speed as well.


Number of Accounts

Most modern franking machines enable users to use separate accounts. The use of multiple accounts makes it easy to track mail expenses. The number of accounts determines the final price of a machine. Low-end machines allow up to a maximum of 10 accounts while high-end machines allow even hundreds of them.

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Additional Costs

When buying a franking machine, it is paramount to consider other attached costs. Such costs include installation expenses and daily costs like ink and franking labels. It is good to know whether such costs are included in the price or not. Such additional costs can raise the overall price of a machine.


Most people end up scratching their heads when it comes to determining the costs of franking machines. Suppliers and manufacturers don’t necessarily print the prices of their franking machines. However, weight, speed, volume, number of accounts and other costs often determine the price of a machine.

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